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BYRN! is a top-class jazz & groove quartett formed by 2 french and 2 south-german musicians.

The international collaboration combines elements of Funk, Groove & Jazz into their own captivating sound.

BYRN! presents their original music and hip covers of Pop & Jazz-Classics in the well known and established band format with hammond organ, tenor sax, guitar and drums. (all vintage...)

The members of BYRN! perform as in demand sidemen with acclaimed artists such as Bireli Lagrene, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Silvain Luc, Tony Lakatos, SWR Big Band,

Fola Dada, Joo Kraus and many more.


ALEXANDER BÜHL (DE) // tenor sax


JEAN-YVES JUNG (FR) // hammond organ



the german - french jazz & groove collaboration // LA collaboration franco - allemande de jazz & groove // die deutsch-französische jazz & groove KOLLABORATION


who is BYRN! ?



©  yolanda jung


So why should you as a listener or booker decide for BYRN! you might say ?

Well, let me put it this way - I bet you still trust in the „made in germany“ seal (which is the right way!) and along your favorite food & beverages you enjoy at least some of the fine french craftmanship and admire the „savoir vivre“ as much as  

we all do !

Now combine these given qualities like a „pretzel“ and a „croissant“, add superior musicianship, creativity and humor to it and the product might already be pretty good, right !?

But hey, there need to be more to it, some kind of „magic“ you interfere...

What you might refer to as „magic“ could be the vibe that results from putting 4 outstanding and internationally experienced artists and human beings together, let them play and work together for a while until they form a common ground and create something only this exact combination can achieve together - their very own sound !

In this case it‘s the BYRN! - Sound:

groovy, energetic, creative and a real treat to listen and watch !

(Text by R. Uusitallo)

05.04.18 AMICUS Jazzport, Friedrichshafen

04.04.18 Jazzclub Kiste, Stuttgart

14.03.18 Club Voltaire, Tübingen

13.10.17 Birdland59, Ettlingen

08.06.17 AMICUS Jazzport, Friedrichshafen

07.06.17 Jazzclub Kiste, Stuttgart

10. - 11.05.17 Recording @ Rossini Studios, Stuttgart

04.05.17 Jazzclub Armer Konrad, Beutelsbach

22.02.17 Jazzclub DAI, Heidelberg

10.02.17 Jazztone, Lörrach

26.11.16 Jazzclub Kiste, Stuttgart

29.10.16 Schloß Neuenbürg, Neuenbürg

03.02.16 Jazzclub Kiste, Stuttgart

22.01.16 Brasserie Le Terminus, Sarreguemines (FR) (german & english) (french)

Here you see the 4 gorgeous and lovely guys of BYRN!,

now read on to find out what this gentlemen did and do !





Studied in Mannheim, Amsterdam, Basel and New York City.

He released 3 recordings so far as a leader and works as an in demand sideman around Europe with bands and aritsts such as Fola Dada, Joo Kraus, SWR Big Band and Adrian Mears.

Christoph holds a scholarship of the Kunstsitftung BW and was awarded with the 2nd place at the „Landesjazzpreis BW 2016“.

"Christoph Neuhaus is an amazing guitar player with all the tool necessary to be an important part of the music scene worldwide.

  1. -PETER BERNSTEIN (NYC Jazzguitarist)

Studied Jazz Saxophone in Nuremberg with Hubert Winter, Klaus Graf and Steffen Schorn. Besides being well known for his outstanding saxophone playing, he is also a recognized composer and arranger for large ensembles.

Jean-Yves is one of Europe‘s most sought after hammond organ players.

The selftaught french musician plays in the band of super guitar hero Bireli Lagrene and worked with artists such as Philip Catherine, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Sylvain Luc. He currently teaches at the „Johannes Guttenberg Hochschule für Musik“ in Mainz (Germany).

With his versatility and outstanding technical and creative skills, Jean-Marc

is a „first-call“ for many internationally acclaimed artists such as Bireli Lagrene and Bob Mintzer ! His playing, characterized by both melodic and dynamic phrasing, expresses the importance that he gives to swing and deeply rooted groove.

He also holds a professorship at the Conservatorium of Metz (France).


Listen here to a preview Songs of the upcoming Debut-Album ! “BYRN!“ burning...

„Nobody Else“ by J. Kern